Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co.

We grow and harvest our Ambrosia and Spartan varietals in our Orchard and create two ultra-premium estate spirits – Forbidden Vodka and Adam’s Apple Brandy.

We use 100% BC Grown fruit from our own property as well as throughout BC. We ferment and distill all our spirits in our own distillery on Wallace Hill Road in South East Kelowna.

We believe in providing the highest quality spirits to our guests utilizing individual hand-crafted batches for our spirits. We only serve the hearts resulting in the best tasting spirits in the marketplace.
Be a Rebel – Definitely!

We have intentionally chosen a vegan lifestyle and believe that our corporate practices are an extension of our commitment to kindness for all. Our spirits are naturally gluten free and we are proud to offer this to our guests without interfering in the process.

We are always looking for ways to improve our product quality. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary. We start with a 25 copper plate distillation process to create the clearest, best tasting spirits available. From there, we increased our distillation to 50 copper plates for our ultra-premium Vodka – Forbidden Spirits Vodka. Recently we have added the benefits of cold filtration to all our products, taking our spirits to a whole new dimension of clarity, texture and flavor.
Do you dare? Absolutely!

We believe in community and reaching out to help whenever and wherever we can. Generosity starts from within and we are committed as a company to not only give back but pay it forward.

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